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Unleash Your Creativity Contest 2019
Unleash Your Creativity Contest 2019

For the 2nd year Multiframes Partner of the 4th edition of the Unleash your Creativity Contest at the newly inaugurated Middle East Airlines Training Centre.
On the 2nd of May 2019 Fernand Hosri Group crowned their winners of the 4th edition of the Unleash your Creativity Contest at the newly inaugurated Middle East Airlines Training Centre. The Award Ceremony was under the patronage of his Excellency Minister of Labor Mr. Camille Abousleiman and in the presence of guests from the thriving Business sectors in Lebanon.

Fernand Hosri Group & Saad Holding chose “Lebanon as you have never seen before” to be the brief of 2019, more than 150 contestants participated and worked hard, 40 of them were selected to compete for the finals after projects evaluations, and an additional Group bypassed by collecting the highest number of votes on Social Media 2,921 votes.
All 11 Groups attended coaching sessions lead by prominent people from different organizations: Asma Lakis from Vanguards, Joe Abou Khaled from Impact BBDO, Tarek Haddad, Suzanne Talhouk, and Christine Mardirian from J. Walter Thompson, Rani Sader from Sader Law Firm, Nayla Saba from Avoid.Agency, and Hrair Kouyoumjian (Independent Coach).

Fernand Hosri Group thanks all the exceptional partners of “Unleash your Creativity Contest”:
Multiframes, Saad Holding, the Lebanese Ministry of Labour, Middle East Airlines, United Nations Global Compact, Beirut Traders Association, IMPACT BBDO, J. Walter Thompson, TBWA/Raad, Vanguards Consulting, Fleur de La Sagesse, Arab Ad, Executive Magazine, Light FM Lebanon, Virgin Radio, New TV, Beiruting.com, and Grand Cinemas.
6 jury members, Maya Saad Es-said (Saad Holding), Dr. Bassem Bawab (BTA), Tarek Haddad (JWT) Joe Aboukhaled (Impact BBDO), Elie Abi Saber (Banque du Liban) Riccardo Hosri (Fernand Hosri Group), carefully picked the 3 winners.

Team: Jennifer El Helou, Morgana Issa, Layale Salem, Joelle Dagher, and Remie Abou Ghosn from the Lebanese University (Faculty of Information - 2) who came 1st place,
Team: Nour Shahrour and Michelle Abou Mrad from American University of Beirut who won the 2nd place.
Team: Georgio Balaa, Joelle Harfouche, and Yara Wakim from IGE – USJ who won the 3rd place and the popularity votes.
The 1st place winners will be traveling to Dubai for an Internship at TBWA/Raad whereas the 2nd and the 3rd won internships with both Impact Bbdo and J. Walter Thompson.
The public vote winners earned an Internship at Beiruting.com and they will enjoy a full season movie Tickets from Grand Cinemas.


SE Factory
SE Factory

Our Managing Director, Wassim Abou Zeid, was hosted in the fireside session, organized by SE Factory and moderated by the talented Rabih Elkhodr.
The session was about exploring branding importance, translating it into digital and sharing some advice from personal and professional perspectives.


Anti Drug Campaign - Lebanese Ministry of Public Health
Anti Drug Campaign - Lebanese Ministry of Public Health

Multiframes is proudly supporting the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking that falls on 26th of June. Therefore, we are pleased to be a part of this memorable campaign organized by Lebanese Ministry of Public Health
The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the major problem that illicit drug represent to the Lebanese Society.

After the great success of the Anti-Drug Campaign, Multiframes is taking part of Alive Interview to talk about the campaign process while highlighting the main challenges faced during its implementation.
For more info, check out Alive Interview on MTV Lebanon
In collaboration with Lebanese Ministry of Public Health and ID Beirut


Unleash Your Creativity Contest
Unleash Your Creativity Contest

Unleash your Creativity Contest celebrated its 3rd edition; a CSR initiative by Fernand Hosri Group that aims at gaining Lebanese young talents National and International recognition and experience.

10 groups from 8 different Universities participated in this contest, and 11 got shortlisted in the finals. All groups created a Marketing Campaign for Ritter Sport the world reputed Chocolate.
It took 6 consecutive months of work to get to the final ceremony. Ideas progressed through the various coaching sessions, and valuable advices of the organizers.

We at Unleash your Creativity contest & Fernand Hosri Group are proud to see this initiative grow year after year.

This year, public participation grew 150% and the participation at the Activation booth at the various universities reached a great level, 10,388 students had a taste of a new delicious variant flavor of Ritter Sport Chocolate after voting for their friends, and 300 won valuable gifts from our partner SGBL.

Here are some major highlights that we want to share with you:

• 8 Universities: AUST, AUB, LAU, USJ, USEK, Lebanese University, NDU and Balamand
• 200 Students/50 Groups
• 11 Finalists
• 10,388 Voters & Supporters
• 200 Guests at the Finals celebrated the below winners

AUB Team: Joanna Zbib, Rinad Yaghi, and Zaina Rasamny came 1st place and will be traveling to Germany for International Internship.

LAU Byblos: Ali Tourba, Stephanie Tadros, Elio Kassab, and Marie Joe Geagea won the 2nd place, and will proceed with an internship at Impact BBDO.

LAU Beirut: Maria Kattan, Emilio Chebly, Ali Jaber, and Dona Mokahal won the 3rd place, and will proceed with an Internship at JWT.

Unleash your Creativity gathered 16 partners who share the same value and we take the opportunity to thank them and their partnership: Beirut Traders Association, the UN Global Compact, J Walter Thomson, Impact BBDO, Vangards, Multiframes, SGBL, Saad Holding, Ritter Sport, and Giorgio Flowers.

We are also grateful and happy for the support we received from the Media in that unique contest: Radio One, New TV, Light FM, Beiruting, Executive Magazine and Grand Cinemas.

Attached is the press release that we shared with Media for your reference.

We look forward to the 4th edition in May 2019, stay tuned.


Bekaa Water Establishment Upcoming Mobile App
Bekaa Water Establishment Upcoming Mobile App

Multiframes is proudly announcing its collaboration with USAID, Bekaa Water Establishment and World Vision on a mobile application project aiming on encouraging water conservation and community liaison by raising awareness and spreading the word in the Bekaa District.

The launching of the event announcing the new BWE Mobile Application took place on the 26th of February 2018 at Kristal Grand Kadri Hotel in Zahlé. The Mayor of Zahlé, the Mayor of Qab Elias, the Mayor of Bar Elias as well as the General Director of the BWE and other contributors were also part of the event.

The application will be designed and developed by Multiframes to simplify and enhance the linkages between BWE and the beneficiaries which are the citizens of the Bekaa District. Also, the app will facilitate the complaint mechanism providing users an easier way to send their complaints, request a service or report a fraudulent act.

In addition to that, the app will be in direct coordination with several activities of the Lebanese Water Project by DAI and World Vision Lebanon to serve as a platform allowing BWE to share and broadcast information such as news, announcements, date of yearly bills, etc. 

More pictures about the event are available on the official Facebook Page of the Lebanese Water Project @LebanonWater
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LINK Program - Doctors Social Network
LINK Program - Doctors Social Network

Multiframes is announcing the official launch of the LINK Program Mobile App and Web based application. The Doctors Social Network is destined to all the Nephrologists in the MENA region (Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia)

The project was a collaboration between Multiframes, Novartis and the Lebanese Society of Nephrology and Hypertension.

The main purpose of the program is to create a Doctors Social Network aiming on enhancing the “Doctor to Doctor” connection allowing them to easily share their experiences and opinions on real-life cases and medical topics.

The main features are as following:

1. Create, view and edit profile:
Allowing doctors to enter their information including their degrees, professional experiences and relevant images.

2. View other doctor’s profiles and experiences:
Creating the opportunity for doctors to learn more about other doctors’ profile, knowledge, experiences and professional pathways.

3. Create, view and comment on cases:
Motivating doctors to share and interact on real-life medical cases they are facing in order to gather other several professional opinions and advice on such situations.

4. Post, view and comment on articles:
Posting and interacting on articles allow doctors to enhance their knowledge about medical topics. The Doctors Social Network allows doctors to share medical statistics and reports as a blog which encourages the interaction.

5. Check and attend webinars:
Getting notifications about the past, actual and upcoming webinars with the option to attend.

6. Send messages:
Sending private or “one-on-one” messages to a specific doctor or group of doctors.

7. Receive news about medical topics, cases and articles:
Receiving broadcasted health-related news and updates and being notified when a new case or article is posted on the platform.

Having a unique design and being user-friendly, the LINK Web based application and mobile app has been customized to create a responsive interface for a more efficient exchange between doctors.

You can watch a short brief about the purposes and benefits of the LINK Program on YouTube

The LINK Program is available on

Download the Mobile App now!


Multiframes Supporting the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
Multiframes Supporting the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Multiframes has been an active supporter of the Kick Breast Cancer Campaign launched by the Ministry of Public Health in Lebanon.
An online marketing campaign has been held to spread the word and raise awareness about the breast cancer and to encourage young ladies and women to make a mammogram. The strategy was set and launched by our experts from the design to the execution of the scheme as well as its promotion on social media and on search engines.

Kick Breast Cancer Event (8 Oct 217)

The main event took place at Camille Chamoun Sports City Stadium – Beirut on the 8th of October 2017. The event was under Patronage of the First Lady Mrs. Nadia Aoun and the Deputy Prime Minister as well as the Minister of Health Mr. Ghassan Hasbani.

During the event, celebrities and young female Lebanese football players have challenged each other during a fun game. Musicians, bands and other entertainers were present to amuse the crowd.
Over 8,000 pink footballs have formed a large pink awareness ribbon. This has enabled Lebanon to win a world certificated from the World Record Academy for making the Largest Awareness Ribbon made of Footballs.

Ceremony of Gratitude (20 Oct 217)




On the 20th of October, a ceremony was held by the Ministry in cooperation with the Minister of Health in Lebanon, Mr. Ghassan Hasbani, to show gratitude to all the supporters of the Kick Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by handing them a symbolic award gesture.

An official report by MTV is available on http://mtv.com.lb/Programs/Prime_Time_News/2017/Videos/20_Oct_2017/ حملة_الوقاية_من_سرطان_الثدي  
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Ministry of Justice Website Launching Event
Ministry of Justice Website Launching Event

After 10 months of consecutive work Ministry of Justice website Go Live. In this occasion, the Ministry organized a ceremony to launch the website officially in the presence of the Minister of Justice Mr. Salim Jreissati, the General Director Judge Mayssam Al Noueiry, Mr. Arnold Luethold head of Africa and Middle East Division, Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, DCAF and group of judges and Public Figures in the field.

During the event, the Minister highlights on the importance of website and the new and advanced features, as well the Judge Ellissa Abou Joudeh did a demonstration on the website and the e-calculator for the invitees.


Google Investing in the Future of Humanity
Google Investing in the Future of Humanity
A new face for Google, fascinating for some and scary for others, the American group and internet giant is now investing in the future of humanity.

For most of the population, Google is a Search Engine allowing million users globally to search for online information, articles, videos, images and songs.

But what most of us ignore until this moment, is that Google has a new ambition that is way more developed that advanced searches on the internet: Increasing the Life Expectancy.

Reliable resources announced that an American semi-secret research and development facility founded by Google in January 2010, X, a.k.a. Google [x], is working on creating pills and small robotics that will be implemented in the human body in the near future. Robotics will allow a sanitary development of cells and an early detection of diseases even before it declares itself.

In a couple of years only, our body will be able to auto-heal itself and our mind will be in direct contact with a synthetic brain leading to our thoughts being not only biological but also non-biological.

A Robotic Body, a Programmed Conscious to become Immortal, the incredible prophesy of the man joining Google with all these destiny-changing discoveries cannot help but creating insane rumors about the intentions of his employer, Google.

In TIME Magazine, Google claimed being able to “Solve Death”. Working on lenses to monitor our diabetes and pills allowing to detect cancerous cells even before it declares itself; our health definitely triggers the interest of the internet giant.

X is collaborating with pharmaceuticals giants from Novartis to other companies specialized in antibodies, a DNA expert and another one specialized in aging.

Google is definitely investing in promising medical and health-related matters. Coming from a specialist in the gathering of personal information of millions of users, this “generosity” is doubted to be innocent: Google, controlling people online for a while now, could be up to making humans believe that Google can help them know better about their health and avoid sickness leading to Google having an additional tool to control people.

X is predicting that the last “pure” human, with no robotics or whatsoever technologies in their body, will die in 80 years.

Should we beware of the influence technology will have on humanity? Will Google be able to determine means to live eternally? Would these means be accessible to all the population or only a minority of it? These questions that trigger our curiosity will remain, unfortunately, unanswered for the moment.


Whatsapp's New Restriced Group Feature
Whatsapp's New Restriced Group Feature

WhatsApp has released a new feature that allows group admins to force every group member to stop chatting.

A user shall be the only group admin to be allowed to send messages and restrict other members to reply; allowing them to only view the message sent by the group admin.

The Restricted Groups setting is a feature available only for group admins. Switching it on disables all chat functionalities for non-admins from sending text messages, images and videos to recording voice messages and sharing documents or locations.

Admins, meanwhile, will be able to continue chatting as normal. Everyone else will simply have to read their messages in silence.
Non-admins who to request a word in the conversation can click on the “Message Admin” button that enables him to do so. However, the admin’s approval to the request is a must in order for the message to go through to the rest of the group.

Admins will only be able to change the setting every 72 hours, which means group members will be silenced for days at a time.
It is important to mention that this feature is still being tested by Whatsapp and will soon be available for all users. You can test it out now by signing up to the beta version of WhatsApp.

http://www.independent.co.uk/ and https://www.lbcgroup.tv


Firefox Now Faster than Ever!
Firefox Now Faster than Ever!
The Firefox community has finally announced the official launch of their brand new browser, the "Firefox Quantum".

Benefits of the FirefoxQuantum:

What you’ll notice first is that the new Firefox is blazing fast! In fact, you’ll enjoy speeds up to twice as fast as a year ago.
It is also more powerful than the latest Firefox version: They have rebuilt Firefox from the ground up to focus on how "internautes" use the Web today to watch, listen, create and play without limits.
Aiming on providing users better interfaces, they have been working on delivering a browser that has a totally different look and feel.
The Firefox Quantum has been developed using the latest technologies with a modernized look and a faster and more efficient interface
We think you’ll agree: It’s a quantum leap forward in how you’ll experience the Internet.

When using the new Firefox Quantum, you’re also contributing to the movement ensuring that the Internet remains a global public resource, open and accessible to all.
As an independent Non-Profit Organization (NPO), they have been committed since 2003 to building products that put internet users in control of their online life and experience by advancing open technologies and public policies that promote a healthier Internet.

Simply because They put you at the center of everything they do.

Mozilla’s global community 


Whatsapp Recall Feature, Not a Rumor Anymore!
Whatsapp Recall Feature, Not a Rumor Anymore!

A year ago, there have been rumors about Whatsapp adding a recall feature for app users.
Rumor has it, this feature is only available for a limited number of users and hopefully will be accessible for all of the app users very soon.

What does the “Recall” feature do?

Some of us have sent spontaneous messages to someone and have regretted it afterwards. Others have been in awkward situations by sending messages to the wrong contacts.
After this feature being requested from millions of users, these uncomfortable situations can now be avoided!

The new delete/recall feature allows users to delete messages sent before the receiver checks them. Though, it only works if both sender and receiver have the latest version of Whatsapp installed on their mobile device or the web version of it.
This option has been accessible for online a limited number of users of Android, iPhone and Windows users.

How to use it?

Reports said that this option will probably be called “Delete for Everyone” and will be easy to use: A trash icon will be showcased so that users can choose which message to recall.
The trash option will work for all texts, images, videos, GIFs, voice messages, quoted messages, contacts, files, locations and status replies on WhatsApp.

To enable the trash icon, a user shall enter a chat, tap and hold on a specific message, click on the trash bin icon and select “Delete for Everyone” option.
However, as mentioned above, this feature is only available if both parties, sender and receiver, use the latest Whatsapp version. Another catch would be that it also only works within 7 minutes of sending the message. After that timeframe, messages or documents sent cannot be recalled. 

Deleted messages will be replaced by the following sentence: "This message was deleted for everyone." and will deleted from the chat page as well as from the notifications pane.
This option will be limited to messages sent to individual chats and is not functional for messages sent to all users in a broadcast list.

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Robots Will Soon Replace Our Smartphones!
Robots Will Soon Replace Our Smartphones!

Rumor has it that robots will soon replace our smartphones!

It is well known that the virtual world has proven itself to have no boundaries. A decade ago, people have shown incredible addiction to the new technologies; mainly, smartphones. People all over the world are almost fully dependent on mobile devices in order to accomplish daily routines.

But, what if something even bigger and wider is about to be launched? You think it is impossible, yet, tech insiders have revealed the news: Robots will soon replace our smartphones!
The robots are said to be unbelievably realistic and very efficient for users: the life-like droids will be daily companions for basic help such as making coffee and even buying personal stuff. Also, these robots will be its user’s personal assistant and adviser on various matters.

This exclusive news was announced last week at the G-Summit conference organized by GWC. The summit gathered people from all around the world in California in order to discuss robotics, new techs and artificial intelligence.

Today, the robotic specimens still have limitations, but scientists are optimistic and cannot wait to improve their creations.

Ressource: http://www.businessinsider.com/a-universal-robot-will-one-day-replace-your-smartphone-2017-8


Facebook Introducing Virtual Reality!
Facebook Introducing Virtual Reality!

Facebook is Hitting Again!

There is no doubt that Facebook, which has started as internal exchange tool, has now become one of the main online platforms that allows billions of users, individuals and corporates, to stay connected, sell products/services and exchange ideas.

What you probably did not expect, is for Facebook to bet on the Virtual Reality as its next BIG THING!

We’ve already acknowledged the fact that Facebook always has new visions, features and perspective; for instance, adding the 360-degree photo option.
Today, Facebook has not only decided to integrate Virtual Reality, but is also trying to push a new wave of Virtual Reality Movies, TV Shows and Videos, as a way to stimulate the whole world to get on board!

Accordingly, Facebook is trying to usher in a new era in movies, TV and any other video by using Virtual Reality to make them more social. It has unleashed its idea of the NEXT BIG STEP during the recent Facebook F8 Conference 2017. Furthermore, the Virtual Reality tool has been showcased as a demo to all the attendees across a variety of countries.

Purposes of the VR

The purpose of this tool has many purposes; you can pretty much do whatever you want with the Surround 360 camera design! From building your own, making smaller/cheaper versions or bigger/premium versions, etc. It is designed to be easy to assemble from readily-available parts and hackable.
The videos made with these cameras, so long as they stick to the standard set here by Facebook, will be ideal for the social network's own Oculus Rift VR headset, pushing the whole market forward. And the test videos released will definitely leave visually-minded people wanting to explore the possibilities. "We wanted high-quality results to inspire people," Cabral says.

The Master Plan

Cabral says that the best way to think about where Facebook is going with virtual reality is to think about Facebook itself. When you think about Facebook, it is not a simple photo sharing service nor it is a way to post videos and links. It's much bigger than any of these aspects.
"Is it text? Is it video? It's all of those things," Cabral says.

Similarly, Facebook is looking to mash movies, TV, Virtual Reality, and video games together into a brand-new format unique to virtual reality.

The Interesting Part

This is where things get interesting. Cabral says that from Facebook's and Oculus' point of view, there's no difference between the video game stuff and the real-life stuff when it comes to virtual reality. He describes them as "orthogonal." Instead, Cabral describes virtual reality as a "continuum."

He envisions a world where you're (maybe, hypothetically) WATCHING A LIVE NBA GAME with a friend, in virtual reality. You would literally "see" them sitting next to you, and also, there are computer graphics projected over the court, providing statistics, instant replays, and memes from the internet, all while simulating the feeling of sitting courtside with a buddy.
So, much like how Facebook combines photos, and text, and comments, and GIFs, and all of that into one big social experience, Cabral sees virtual reality doing the same thing in a much more immersive way. In the past, Facebook has likened virtual reality to "teleportation."
But before any of that can happen, people need to actually be able to film in virtual reality. The plan is that with the Surround 360 providing such an easy way to shoot high-quality virtual reality video, it'll be easy for filmmakers both amateur and professional to get started. With the film community making their own twists on the camera, too, it'll be accessible to everyone for very specific needs.

Once the power to make virtual reality movies is totally commoditized, Cabral explains, then the curve of when all of this takes off can really accelerate. He says Facebook has talked to major "commercial artists," and that it's "not a whether" this happens, just a matter of when.
"It's happening," Cabral says.

This article was inspired by: http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-surround-360-camera-open-source-2016-7